What is Psychodynamics?

Psychodynamics originated with Sigmund Freud but was further developed by Carl Jung and a series of other psychiatrists, psychologists and academics. It is a less intensive version of psychoanalysis only requiring one or two weekly visits instead of three to five visits per week. “Psychodynamics” refers to the interplay of mental forces constituting the psyche. The ego is considered to be in conflict with the other components of the psyche as defined by Freud, the id and the super ego, as well as the outside world. Psychodynamics brings unconscious inner conflicts that cause certain behaviors and feelings to conscious awareness. The goal is to resolve these dynamic tensions and outgrow the distressing behaviors or emotions they cause.

The services I offer include psychodynamic psychotherapy (insight-oriented psychotherapy), interpersonal psychoanalysis, psychotherapy with medication management, and couples therapy. I will only treat people over the age of seventeen. If you are interested in any of these services, please feel free to contact me.

The Relationship of Psychodynamics to the treatment of psychosis.

My 25 years of full-time work at Chestnut Lodge (once the beacon of psychodynamic treatment of chronically psychotic people) has left me optimistic about the possibility of full recovery. The accompanying clips from Daniel Mackler’s film “Take These Broken Wings” introduce major figures in this branch of psychotherapy. I recommend their books and papers.